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SSD VS HDD: What’s the difference and Which is better for gaming


External hard drives are a must-have for all the techies out there and especially when you’re into gaming then they play a more important role than just possession for storage. Gaming enthusiasts will know how much it means to have a reliable external hard drive and how tiring the never-ending debate on what’s better SSD vs HDD is. The battle of being a better drive between SSD vs HDD has been long and exhausting and gamers still might not know which one to buy.

So this blog is entirely focused on letting you know the pros and cons of SSD vs HDD of both the drives and in the end you’ll finally find out which one’s better SSD or HDD.


What is SSD?

Let’s start with the full form of SSD which is solid state drives. In terms of performance and liability, ssd drives are way faster and durable. At times of loading, it shows exceptionally good performance so when it comes to gaming solid state drives are a good option to go forward with.

SSD drives are way superior to any HDD out there and the audience has been found to know it’s worth owing to the massive amount of gaming enthusiasts turning their interests towards them.

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What is HDD?

HDDs or Hard Disk Drives are physical devices used to store and retrieve digital data using rapidly rotating disks coated with magnetic material. Though are more reliable in terms of storing media files or documents etc. They are not that efficient a choice when it comes to gaming.

The best solution to finding the best drive for gaming is to find out the major difference between SSD and HDD.

SSD vs HDD what’s the difference

To figure out which is the best external storage drive out there isn’t a simple job but we have everything you need to know about both the drives while deciding which one to buy.

We’ll look at every factor one by one.

SSD vs HDD storage

If this isn’t the most important thing about any storage device! Storing capacity should top the list of needs for any gamer out there.

Presently, both SSDs and HDDs have really high storage space. SSDs can store up to 100TB . However, they can be found to store proficiently up to 4 TB. On the other hand, HDDs can store up to 8 TB and now models that can store up to 32TB are also available.

SSD Vs HDD Pricing

It’s not only about the storage here, but also price per gigabyte (GB) that plays an essential role here. The difference in prices between SSDs and HDDs is big and it becomes huge as the storage capacity increases.

Let’s take an example, an HDD of 4 TB storage might cost about 80 dollars whereas an SSD of same storage can cost approximately 400 dollars.

So, in terms of reliable storage at cost-effective rates, HDD is a clear-cut winner. There’s no doubt about SSD storage but in terms of pricing, HDDs have an upper hand here.

SSD vs HDD Speed

 As earlier discussed, SSDs are way superior to HDDs in terms of speed and performance. SSD’s transfer time is multiple times faster than that of HDD’s.

And when it comes to gaming, owning an SSD will give you the biggest flex which is its speed. Your PC will run smoothly and the faster boot time will also enhance your gaming.

So, in terms of speed SSD is the winner and there are no second thoughts about that.

SSD vs HDD Lifespan

HDDs are found to live longer and see more moons than SSDs. There’s no considerably huge gap between the two and it’s not that big an issue when you keep upgrading your drive before it reaches its saturation point. So, this point mostly doesn’t concern most of the users.

SSD vs HDD Sound or Noise

SSDs do not have any moving parts that’s why it runs without exerting any noise. On the other hand, HDDs produce noise and cannot run completely silently; however, not all models make equivalent noises.

The excessive sounds and clamor is usually produced due to age, damage or RPM. RPM stands for rotation per minute.

HDDs produce more noise because of the fast rotations. Furthermore, age and damage due to any mechanical shock or injury can also cause the HDD to be noisy.

SSD vs HDD for long-term storage

SSDs win here as well. As stated above, SSDs don’t have any moving parts so, the risk of malfunctioning parts is reduced to nothing here. HDDs having moving or rotating parts are more vulnerable to physical or mechanical damage and thus, fail the durability test.

SSD vs HDD power consumption

SSDs have a reputation for their minimal power consumption, energy saving, no extra heat exerting and efficient built-in qualities. Therefore, whenever we talk about SSD vs. HDD power consumption, SSDs always take the cup because of their heat dispensing and energy-efficient qualities.

HDDs on the other hand, are known to be consuming greater energy than SSDs and are not very efficient in terms of saving on power consumption.

SSD vs HDD for NAS

Every day there’s something new in the world of technology and making the right choice in this scenario can be an ordeal. Your network forever shows the result of your choices and one of the toughest choices ever to make can be NAS SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

NAS Storage is entirely exclusive and has a lot of range but one must decide based on the demands of their network. If the need is for speed and durability with low power consumption then NAS SSD can be a top-tier choice but if the need is for a more budget-friendly option and top-notch storage capacity then NAS HDD wins hands down.

Thus, one’s personal choices have a great impact on the overall choice of purchase to build their NAS network.

SSD vs HDD advantages and disadvantages

Since SSDs have an upper hand in the most important factors of gaming it wins. Thus, preferably SSD seems like a better option for gaming.

On a neutral road, some pros and cons are present in both types but SSDs surely are the better option. However, all the factors that one might consider while choosing which external storage device to buy are given in the article.

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