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iPhone Data Recovery in Dubai

iphone (Apple) data recovery services in Dubai

By using specialized data recovery methods, we can successfully restore your lost iPhone data in a short amount of time. We can provide the best iPhone backup recovery service option regardless of the data loss situation, such as accidental deletion, device failure due to unlocking attempts (jailbreak), iOS upgrade failure, accidentally dropped iPhone, data inaccessible due to firmware upgrade, liquid or water damage, or any other physical device damage.

Best Apple IPhone Data Recovery

At Lifeguard Data Recovery, we have the best iPhone hard drive recovery software, which gives us the best chance of recovering your iPhone’s lost data and repairing your iOS. The company has a long and successful history of recovering data from formatted, unresponsive, or damaged iPhones. It can assist you in recovering more data than just your old iPhone contacts and photos, including browsing history, call logs, video and audio files, and text messages, among others. Even files downloaded to your iPhone can be recovered by us.


Lost Your iPhone Data?

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Most common causes of iPhone data loss:

1. Hardware or system software malfunction: 

This is the most frequent reason for data loss, and it can be brought on by several different things, including dropping your phone too frequently, interfering with the charging process, or removing the battery during a crucial firmware update.

2. Human Error:

Sometimes we accidentally press the delete button when we meant to press the save button. This includes handling your phone roughly enough to cause damage. It’s also not a good idea to keep your phone in a high-traffic area.

3. Software Corruption:

Your iPhone may experience software corruption, and an app may crash while you’re using it. You can frequently save this data, but what if you don’t have a backup? Even security apps and virus detection software can cause iOS software corruption.

4. Mac-oriented virus:

A Mac-specific virus that corrupts software or, worse yet, deletes everything could be another reason for data loss. Hackers are increasingly attempting to gain remote access to other people’s iPhones, and more malware and viruses are being created specifically for iOS.

5. Data loss from natural disasters:

Finally, natural disasters can sometimes simply take things from us. Flooding, storms, snowstorms, and even earthquakes can endanger our mobile devices and result in irreversible data loss. Sometimes our device completely fails and we need to restore all of our old data onto a new phone

At Lifeguard Data Recovery, we guarantee high success rates for all types of iPhone data loss scenarios because we are experts in recovering data from iOS devices.