There are two main types of data recovery: logical and physical. Logical data recovery is performed using data recovery software, and it works because deleted files remain in their original locations until they are overwritten by new files. Physical recovery, on the other hand, is centered around the repair of various physical faults and damage that are preventing the affected storage device from being accessible. This type of data recovery requires expensive equipment and highly specialized skills, which is why it’s not usually performed at home.

Logical Data Recovery cost 250 AED to 700 AED based on the problem, if outlook emails are deleted it required Recovery + Repairs.
Mechanical or Physical Data Recovery Required Donor Parts which cost (100$ to 350$) sometimes it takes more than 1 donor drive after replacing damage parts we have to work on firmware then image whole drive then only we can able to Recover data whole process take 1-3 days usually some times more time based on damages in Drive.

It all depends on the condition of drive platters & size of your storage device, its speed and the kinds and number of files you want to recover. Data recovery services are understandably much slower (since we are recovering data from dead drive), the whole process will most likely take at least a few days.

The cost of data recovery varies significantly from case to case. Not only are there many different types of devices–hard disk drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives and SD cards, RAID arrays, etc.–but there are also many different reasons why you might need data recovered from any of these devices. The work that goes into these recoveries can vary significantly. And it is that work, that labour our expert engineers have to perform, that determines the pricing for our service. So, to finally answer this question, we can’t tell you how much our data recovery services will cost until we’ve had a chance to take a look at your device and assess your specific needs in our lab.

The cost of data recovery doesn’t change depending on how much data you need us to retrieve because how much data there is on your device–or how much of it you actually want back–doesn’t have any meaningful effect on the amount of work our specialists have to do to get your data back.

We give back everything we get. However, we always make sure to ask what data is most important to you and which files, if any, you absolutely need back. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it helps us define our goals. Secondly, it lets us target the important stuff first.