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About Us

Welcome to Lifeguard Data Recovery – the leading Data Recovery service provider in silicone oasis Dubai. At Lifeguard, we specialize in both Physical and Logical Data Recovery, ensuring fast and efficient retrieval from a range of storage devices including Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Servers, and all types of Raid systems, both online and offline.

Our dedicated team of Recovery Experts undergoes cutting-edge research and advanced education, providing international standards in Data Recovery services

Our comprehensive range of services covers Server Raid data recovery, Desktop Drive Data Recovery, Laptop Data Recovery, SSD Data Recovery, Flash Drive (USB) Data Recovery, SCSI & SAS Drive Data Recovery, and more.

Lifeguard Data Recovery is synonymous with world-class Raid expertise, offering online remote support and specializing in the Physical Recovery of all types of media with the utmost care and compassion.

Our Mission

To be a world-class Data Recovery service provider in Dubai, turning distant possibilities into today’s realitie

The Lifeguard Promise:

  • Physical Damage Drive Recovery Provider
  • Online Raid Recovery
  • Online Remote Support for Firmware Repair & Assistance

Our Services

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Hard Disk Drives are present in Laptops, Desktops, RAID servers, external Drives. The data in Hard Disks can be loss due to accidentally deletion or Physical Damage or ransomware. LifeGuard Data Recovery has expert Data Recovery engineers with 30 years of experience and they will recover all your lost data in our Data Recovery Labs.

SSD Data Recovery

SSD or Solid State Drive stores data in Flash memory and they are more resilient than HDDs.Recovering Data from SSDs can be challenging. But, our Data Recovery Engineers are trained to recover data from SSDs safely.Recovering Data from SSDs can be challenging. But, our Data Recovery Engineers are trained to recover data from SSDs safely.

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

For reliable USB data recovery in Dubai, trust LifeGuard Data Recovery. We handle both software and IC-related issues. If your USB drive fails, our expert technicians ensure safe and secure data recovery. Don’t risk losing your precious data—let us restore it professionally and efficiently.

Mac Data Recovery

Mac or Mackbook are the laptops uses iOS operating system and they are designed by Apple.

Macbook are famous for their design and quality. Recovering lost data from Mac is not easy.

Our experts at Abu Dhabi can recover your lost Data from Mac easily.

Iphone Data Recovery

If you lost your important data from your iPhone 15 Pro max, and you are worried about it. Then LifeGuard Data recovery is here to help you recover data from your iPhone. Our Experts are trained to recover data using Professional data recovery tools in our labs.Visit our Abu Dhabi office, and recover your precious iPhone data.

Server Data Recovery

We’ll get your server back up and running quickly. If your server has failed or you’ve lost data, our skilled team of server data recovery OR Raid experts will restore your system efficiently. Trust our experienced team to get your server back up and running in no time.

Ransomwere Data Recovery

Ransomware cases are increasing day by day. Even after paying ransom amount, there is no guarantee of recovering our files. To save your precious data and recover it from cyberattacks, LifeGuard is here to retrieve your ransomware attacked data from the hackers.

SD Card Data Recovery

The most common data storage is SD cards. Nowadays SD cards are used in Cameras, Mobil Phones, and other portable devices. Due to mis handling or ejecting directly many of the Photographers, Common people los their precious data.

Laptop Data Recovery

With 30 years of experience in Data Recovery, LifeGuard has high success rate in recovering data from all types of storage devices (Like HDD, SSD, etc) of a Laptop.


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Recovered Data from

Device Manufacturers

LifeGuard Data Recovery recovered data from all types of data storage manufacturers like

Seagate, WD in Hard disks and SSDs.

Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend in Memory cards.

Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple etc in Laptops

Companies Worldwide

Trust LifeGuard

As LifeGuard has its branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kenya and India we have clients all over the world.


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