Macbook Repair Services in UAE

MacBook repair in Dubai

Apple Mac Repair Experts in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

At Lifeguard, we have the best mac repair experts in Dubai and we provide outstanding customer support. Impeccable repair services, transparent pricing, and round-the-clock availability. That’s the reason why our customers choose us for PC repair and data recovery in Dubai. Our company, LifeGuard Technology, was established in 1994, and we have over 15 years of experience in this industry. Apart from Apple Mac and PC repair. We are proficient in data recovery from all media devices of all brands – desktops, laptops, hard drives, servers, etc.

  • We replace cracked laptop screens
  • We repair laptop water/liquid damage
  • We repair tablets of all brands
  • We provide software installation and updates
  • We provide remote support 24/7
  • Physical Damage Drive Recovery Provider
  • Online Raid Recovery
  • Online Remote Support for Firmware Repair & Assistance
  • Drive is Reading slowly can’t able to backup files or folders

MacBook Water Damage Repair

Nothing can be more damaging for a MacBook than water or any liquid spillage. The process of repairing the MacBook Pro water damage caused due to water or other liquids depends on the nature of the fluid spilled. Non-acidic liquid spillage like water, tea, or coffee cause lesser damage than acidic fluids like wine and other drinks. Which pose a serious threat to the device.

The minerals, salts, and acids present in the fluids gravely damage the components of the device made of metals, silicone, fiberglass, etc. Our efficient technicians are experienced in repairing and replacing the affected parts of your Mac device of any model like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or desktop.

MacBook Air Repair in Dubai

All Apple gadgets are very pricey and people spend their hard-earned money on buying those. And repairing any Mac product proves to be no less expensive. At LifeGuard Technology, we understand the genuine concerns of the customers and so. Always strive to offer affordable specialized repair services for all your Mac devices. Whether it’s a MacBook Air water damage repair or replacement service that you need, we can offer the same in the least time possible. We use only original manufacturer equipment (OEM) parts for any replacement services for all Apple devices.

Mac Hard Drive Replacement

At LifeGuard Technology, we have an in-house team of the best engineers, who are the masters of this trade having in-depth knowledge and expertise in repairing all Apple gadgets. We offer the fastest, simplest, and most convenient Mac HDD repair in the UAE. If the HHD has got badly damaged or is malfunctioning, it doesn’t mean that your laptop is of no use now. You just need to contact us and we will solve the issue, no matter how challenging it is, quite effortlessly. If necessary, we can take out the existing hard disk drive and replace it with a brand new one or repair the existing drive – whichever proves to be the aptest solution.

Our expert Mac engineers diagnose the drive problems very fast and provide on-spot repair or replacement services.

Our interactive repair services are offered at our facility or at your place, in front of you by highly skilled certified technicians, who know Mac devices inside and out. With every service, we will ensure that your device is in perfect working condition and remains the same for the longest time possible.

Our services for Apple MacBook repair in Dubai are available whenever and wherever you want, and we try our best to fix your device within a little time. Our repair charges are reasonable as per the quality of genuine replacement parts and services offered.

Macbook Battery Replacement in Dubai

The batteries of MacBook laptops usually have a lasting life, however, due to various reasons like voltage fluctuations, charging problems, liquid spillage, etc. The battery could die out and need to be replaced. If you are looking for an Apple MacBook repair center in Dubai, call us. We will visit your place, analyze the issue with the device, provide you with an estimate, and collect the product. We can tell you about the prices of different MacBook batteries in Dubai.

Likewise, we charge fair prices for MacBook battery replacements and usually complete the work within the same day. In no way you should try to replace the battery on your own – it may damage your device permanently. MacBook Air battery replacement is very costly if you take it to an Apple Store and may take many days to complete. We offer you the same quality, original MacBook batteries for the battery replacement task and our services are quicker and more affordable.

IMac Repair in Dubai

It is beyond any doubt that Apple computers are matchless in design and performance, however. Like any electronic device, they may also malfunction and need repair. There can be various issues with your iMac like random restarts, hard drive problems, slow performance, etc. But you don’t need to worry as our highly competent Mac engineers are experts in handling even the most complicated iMac repairs and fixing critical damages and that too, in the quickest way possible.

All the repair tasks are done in our own facility, and we never need to send your machine to any third-party location. We always use original and approved Apple replacement parts of the same quality as you will find in any Apple Store. The only difference is that we fit them in our own shop and charge you the actual cost of the parts, which is much less than the price printed on the box. We also provide free pick-up and drop facilities for your device and so, you don’t need to pay extra for shipping and handling.