External Hard Drive Fell Down or Dropped Down

/External Hard Drive Fell Down or Dropped Down
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External Hard Drive Fell Down or Dropped


We Receive Many External Hard Drive Fell down Cases many clients don’t remember connecting External Hard Drive to laptop and suddenly lift the laptop leads External Hard Drive fall Down on floor or Accidentally External Hard Drive fell down while working.

The worst thing you can do is give drive to some computer repair shop or IT Technician who have no clue about Hard Drive they keep Connect Hard Drive to Computer and wait for Hard Drive to Detect 95% cases surface damage happens for this reason.

When you look for Data Recovery Company make sure they have Clean room & Professional Tools for performing Hard Drive Surgery, Years of Experience Professionals who handle thousands of Similar Cases


When Hard Drive is working Platters Move on 5400 – 7200 RPM Heads Read & Write Data from platters when suddenly power goes off and Drive hit floor Read/Write Heads get stuck on platters & when you keep powering Drive it will try to move and damage Platters,

Don’t Connect power again & again you will loose Your Data Permanently, Seek Professional Help we do Free Quick Diagnosis in about 15-20 Minutes & let you know the exact condition of your Hard Drive while you are sited in our office.


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