External Hard Drive Fell Down or Dropped

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External Hard Drive Fell Down or Dropped   We Receive Many External Hard Drive Fell down Cases many clients don’t remember connecting External Hard Drive to laptop and suddenly lift the laptop leads External Hard Drive fall Down on floor . The worst thing you can do is give drive to some computer repair shop or [...]

10TB Hard Drive

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Now 10tb Hard Drive Available in Dubai. 10TB Hard Drive Price around 2040 AED.   Description Model Number : ST10000NE0004 Storage Device Use : Internal PC Drive Type : HDD Interface Type : SATA Compatible operating systems : Windows Brand : Seagate Seagate IronWolf Pro Optimized for NAS  enclosures with AgileArray Multi-User technology for increased user [...]

Data Recovery : Hard Drive Main Parts for Data Recovery

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Data Recovery Hard Drive The goal of this article is to show you how a modern Hard Disk Drive or HDD built. What are its main parts, how do they look and what are these parts names and abbreviations, this helps you understand when we send you Data Recovery Diagnosis Report. As an example we are [...]

Best Hard Drive to buy

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Backblaze has recorded and saved daily hard drive statistics from the drives in our data centers since April 2013. At the end of 2016 we had 73,653 spinning hard drives. Of that number, there were 1,553 boot drives and 72,100 data drives. This post looks at the hard drive statistics of the data drives we monitor. [...]

Free Data Recovery

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Ramadan Kareem, LifeGuard Data Recovery offers your "Free Data Recovery" (Logical Cases) Ramadan Special offer for Personal Users. Ramadan Kareem...........

UnProfessional Technicians damage platters

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We Received opened Drive by (Data Recovery Technician) from Desperate Client who's personal Pictures was inside,  some IT Technician open Drive in his shop for Experimenting, Destroy the surface of Platter & Damage Read/write Heads fortunately we manage to Recover about 60% of Data (99-100% could have been Recover if client could bring Drive to us [...]

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